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With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of products, including brush items for oral care, cosmetic, industrial, paint, and medical applications  AST Filaments is your perfect partner. We are highly interested in working with both large and small companies to help assure your product success. Our involvement can be from simply reviewing your product design through complete project management including full manufacture and product launch.   For all manufacturing processes, we have a group of select global manufacturing partners.  These are all ISO certified and have been audited by AST Filaments and independent quality assessment companies.  Working closely with these  leaders in their specialty areas, we bring their expertise to you.

Let AST Filaments assist you as we offer our extensive knowledge and experience in:
Injection molding- part and mold design
All Brushmaking technologies
Material selection and testing
Key product attribute and specification development
Product and Project Costing
Packaging Design
Sales/ Marketing/ Consulting

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Design & Manufacturing
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On the leading edge of new and emerging filament materials and technologies.
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