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We work with the finest filament suppliers from around the world, bringing a complete product offering to the market!!!

The most stylish, decorative, or otherwise utilitarian brush will  typically have a handle or other device to allow for its usage during cleaning, painting, removing metal, brushing teeth, or applying cosmetic products.  However, it always comes down to the filament choices such as  materials, cross sections,  and properties, coupled with the proper brushmaking technology to result in a product that achieves or exceeds customer expectations.

AST Filaments has extensive experience in selecting the proper filaments for the job to give your product the performance needed and to help you get the repeat orders.   We serve the following markets, with a full range of synthetic filament products in each of these.

On the leading edge of new and emerging filament materials and technologies.
We look forward to working with you !!!!           Call us at (217) 234-7300


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