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*  Nylon 6.12 with a  minimum diameter of .0025” for Interdental Brushes- spooled

* Nylon 6.10 and 6.12 with a minimum diameter of .005” for toothbrushes

* PBT filaments for improved wet stiffness and lower coefficient of friction

*Tapered PBT filaments for soft feel and improved cleaning of tight spaces

* Available in natural, white, and unlimited FDA approved colors

* Hanks or cuts, with hygienic plastic wrap

* Superior picking and end rounding of filaments

Antibacterial Filaments-   Available in PBT and Nylon 6.12, these filaments create an environment hostile to a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold and fungi.  Especially effective against streptococcus, e coli, and staphococcus the antibacterial benefit keeps working  throughout the life of the brush.

Wear Indicating Filaments-  An ultrathin coating wears away through actual usage and gives a message to the consumer, through the filament color change.  Designed to change color consistent with the ADA recommendation to replace  toothbrushes after 90 days.  Available in blue,  green, and in  all diameters of nylon 6.12.

On the leading edge of new and emerging filament materials and technologies.
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